4 cool surf schools in Bocas del Toro

4 Recommended Surf Schools in Bocas del Toro. If you dream of being able to surf, Bocas is the best place 😎. Fortunately, it has a variety of schools that will allow you to learn from the experts.

#4 – Mono Loco Surf School

It is a school that has instructors certified internationally by the ISA and BSA. They are professional surfers and lifeguards. Classes are presented in: Spanish, English, French, Dutch and German.

Mono Loco will teach you to surf or improve your style of doing it in a safe and fun way.

His classes will be theoretical in the school facilities (center of Isla Colón) as well as practices in two places (Old Mans or Black Rock), first learning the basics in the world of surfing, general safety and about the destination where you are going to practice. activity.

For surfers who want to improve their techniques there are many more places to practice since Bocas has very good beaches and incredible reef formation.

It is important to note that the school provides all the necessary equipment to carry out this activity such as NSP boards of all sizes and Rashguard (shirt for surfing).

Lessons are priced at $60 per person and include: 30 minutes of surf theory, followed by 2 hours in the water.

#3 – La Buga Dive & Surf

La Buga Dive & Surf started out as a very reputable and renowned Dive Center and Surf School. They are now a PADI 5 Star Dive Center.

They have high-quality international staff that provide you with safety and comfort while having fun. They also have a wide variety of surfboards for rent.

Their appeal is that they are not only a surf and diving school, but they are also a restaurant, bar and lounge on the water where you can entertain yourself after the lesson.

#2 – Escuela del Mar – EDM / Escuela del Mar Surf School

Escuela del Mar has a very privileged location on Carenero Island, just 5 minutes by boat from the town. In its surroundings they have vast vegetation, abundant flora and fauna that make this perfect place for water sports.

Like the other schools, they offer theoretical lessons, this time on the beach and then proceed to practice and take the best waves of Black Rock or any nearby beach according to the conditions that the sea presents.

His lessons are aimed at the whole family and children over 4 years old.

It also offers a great restaurant on the sea.

#1 – Bocas Surf School / Bocas Surf School & Hostel

Bocas Surf School belongs to a comfortable guest house on the sea located in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Isla Colón (Panama). It is the first surf school in Bocas, it also has a restaurant, and an excellent dive shop.

Their surf lessons are priced at $50 per person and include: 30 minutes of shore surf theory, 1.5 hours of water surfing, surfboard rental for the class, transportation and rash guard for the class.