The best beaches and surf spots in Bocas del Toro

This guide will show you the best surf spots in all of Bocas del Toro. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a beginner when surfing, Bocas del Toro has the best destinations worldwide for all levels.

Everything will depend on the level of adrenaline you want to experience.

Here is a list of destinations to choose from:

Bluff Beach, Isla Colon

Bluff beach, located about 25 minutes from the city, consists of a long strip of golden sand, accompanied by a perfect tropical forest.

It is a beach that has been noted for surfing on it, which indicates that it is not recommended for swimming, since it has robust waves. Its waves break near the shore, both left and right. The sport on this beach is mainly practiced by experienced people.

Wizard Beach, Bastimentos Island

Located on the east side of Isla Bastimentos.

It has few visitors, which is excellent to feel comfortable on a more private beach.

Its main characteristic is that when there are no waves in any other part of Bocas del Toro in Wizard there will always be. Its waves are not the most outstanding, but the destination is an incredible place to adventure.

Wizard beach offers fun beach breaks.

It’s a great place to sunbathe, swim, surf, or relax in a pristine jungle environment.

Red Frog Beach, Bastimento Island

It is a beach that provides clean waters, safe conditions and captivating beach breaks.

It consists of a mix of white sand with coral reefs. Its waves are right and left, fast and vigorous

Getting to the beach is very intriguing, since you have to walk between the island and in the distance you can hear the waters of the sea. Upon arrival you will find surfboards, a hostel.

Paunch Beach, Colon Island

It is one of the best known places in Isla Colón for surfing.

Located along the east coast of the island, Paunch Beach also breaks its waves both to the left and to the right.

Punch features waves for all levels, with tubular sections to make turns.

The cool thing about this destination is that it is the closest place to the city to practice surfing, just 10 minutes from it by car, therefore it is a more traveled place.

Silverbacks, Bastimento Island

This is another of the most famous places to surf in Bocas.

The site is very large, with waves that emerge from deep fast and powerful waters, these reach up to 6 meters, therefore it is for expert surfers and boards of more than two meters, around seven feet, are recommended.

Black Rock, Carenero Island

In Bocas it is considered the best place to learn to surf. Intended for beginners or people who surf little.

The beach is very deep and offers a channel on both sides, which facilitates access to the peak, and a place to relax for a while.

Tiger Tail, Isla Colon

Located on Isla Colón, in front of the Paki Point Restaurant.

In this area a hole has been developed that takes the water directly into the sea, perfect for surfing waves.

The deeper it is, the faster the sea water will flow.

This destination is a favorite as you can ride the rip current after catching a wave, get out of the river and paddle to the point.

Small waves make Tiger Tail a recommended site for beginner surfers.

It is not recommended for swimming since there is no contact with the sand or the reef, therefore you can be dragged into the sea.

Dumpers, Colon Island

Dumpers is located 15 minutes from the town of Bocas. It is a reef located north of Boca Town, near Paunch Beach.

It is also a favorite destination for professional surfing.

It consists of a sharp reef, shallow so you must be very careful and it is recommended only to experienced people.

Old Mans, Carenero Island

For connoisseurs, Hombre Viejo is the beach that offers the so-called mini point, it is the best option for those beginners who want to surf more smoothly and without fighting against the crowd.

In the same way, care must be taken when the wave rises too high since the interior becomes somewhat deep.

Black Rock, Carenero Island

Black Rock or black rock is a beach that breaks its waves on a deep reef with channels to the right and left that serve to row and return.

It is also a place for beginners. What you should be aware of in this place is the surfers who use longboards because many do not know how to use them and can cause accidents.

Long Beach, Bastimento Island

Long Beach, also called Playa Larga, is located within the Isla Bastimentos Marine National Park.

It is a nice beach, long and with direct waves near the town of Bocas.

A place where its inhabitants are sea turtles and national guards who live in a beach shack.

It is a quite lonely place 1 hour walk with a guide from Quebrada Sal (Salt Creek).

Kusapín (Uva Beach), Ngäbe-Buglé Comarca

Playa Uva is the place that every surfer dreams of to live a truly high-altitude experience.

It is located in a part of the semi-autochthonous Ngäbe-Buglé territory, so its inhabitants live as they have for years surrounded by incredible views.

As for its waves, they are a first-class beach break, and it receives more waves than all the beaches in Bocas. It is important to point out that it is not intended for tourists and those who visit it must show the greatest respect for the local people.