Zapatilla Cay, Bocas del Toro

Cayo Zapatillas, a destination made up of two islands surrounded by a beautiful coral reef, located east of Isla Bastimentos.

Its name is due to the legend that says that these 2 islands were formed when God stepped on the earth, leaving the shapes of his slippers as footprints.

In this so admired jewel in Bocas del Toro we observe exuberant vegetation, a sea of crystalline water with rings of white sand around each one of them.

In this paradisiacal place you can practice snorkeling, and if you want something calmer, you can also spend some time alone walking the beach the path that crosses the island. Its warm waters will make you have a relaxing time.

Another great attraction of these keys is the area, since sea turtles are raised, hawksbill turtles are in danger of extinction, therefore they are of ecological importance.

There is no accommodation, much less restaurants in Cayo Zapatilla, so we recommend bringing your drinks and food.

Bocas Tours runs boat rides to Cayo Zapatilla from $ 40 per person.